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Monday, January 11, 2010

And the mobile OS winner is.... Linux!

And suddenly the smart/super phone market is getting crowded with proper OS-platforms based on Linux!

This is a new one from AAVA Mobile (demo by Intel), a new comer to the mass market stage, but already providing a very cool device (HW-wise) with a powerful OS (Moblin - Linux based and supported by Intel).

If nothing else this proves that Nokia was on the right track already in 2005 when it introduced the first mobile device (
Nokia 770) based on Linux.

It's exciting to see so much dynamism on the Linux Mobile OS front! Certainly makes the PC-based version of Linux much more attractive as well, if nothing else at least as a development platform!

(Disclaimer: I'm a Nokia fan boy :)

Here's the demo video (note the landscape mode focus on this phone, just as in the Nokia N900)

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