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Sunday, April 16, 2006

99 rules too many...

Boy do the NASA project managers have it hard. Not only are in they under pressure from government and private entrepreneurs (remember the X-prize?) now they also have to
memorize 100 rules!

That's what I would say 99-rules too many!

I have only one rule:
1- Use your head!

OK, ok, that's a simplistic way to describe it, but that's really what project management is all about, using one's intelligence to plan a project and solve all those unpredictable situations you will be faced with.

There's also a plus: if you apply my rule #1 you are surely going to come up with your own, personal, custom-made 100 rules! And you don't need to trust NASA, after all they have failed projects - you don't want that! (or do you...) ;)

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