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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Nokia's "door" (Ovi in Finnish)

I can't believe it! How can someone be so ignorant so out of touch with reality so complete absorved on their own petty little half-monopoly to have no clue whatsoever about what makes a web service usable, cool and desirable?

Have you checked out Nokia's Ovi (door in English)? talk about a crappy user experience. First you type the address on the address bar of your browser and then you get overwhelmed with the most expensive (probably) and useless flash experience ever. I didn't even count the time it takes to get anywhere in the damned flash intro in the site, but it certainly is painful! You can't do anything about it either. You click, you click, you pray, you go and take a coffee while the damned thing sucks all the processing power and memory you've assigned your browser (in case you are smart enough to limit in your OS), and then finally when the completely USELESS flash boring intro is done all you get is a button to download the press release. The press release? WTF? Who thought anyone in the whole world (except journalists who've already been spammed with the release anyway) would be interested in the damned uncool, boring and extra-long press release?

Who is leading this product launch? A grandmother with an MBA from the 1980's?

My word, what a screw up. I cannot agree more with
this, and this.

And have you seen the video? (here). What's up with that. Carefully manicured female hands with a crappy voice-over that sounds like they are trying to sell shampoo to women over 30? WTF? really Nokia, I knew that you guys were not that good at marketing, but you've done the impossible and outdone Microsoft at the launch of the ZUNE!!!!

I hope Nokia gets their act together and start making some ammends to the awful launch (or should we say pre-launch?) of the service. Ovi is a good name, catchy and simple to remember (and a nice pun on "Windows" ;), but the service so far looks like about the most useless thing since "Club Nokia".

Please, pretty please hire a proper service design team and a cool marketing gang (with experience in Internet/Web marketing, not just refrigerator marketing) and re-launch the service in time for a Xmas show-off. Oh, and by the way, if you really want to be cool you have to have a real product demo, not videos, and the demo cannot be done by people that have spent half their life doing MBA's and get nothing of what the web is today.

I really hope Nokia (I have friends working there) improves. For the sake the Finnish economy!


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